ACoconut BTC

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What is ACoconut BTC?

acBTC is a composite asset backed by a basket of ERC20 BTC. The acBTC ecosystem integrates native BTC and ERC20 BTC, with swap, lending and yield generating applications into one efficient and usable standard. acBTC is minted from an ERC20 BTC swap called acSwap (ACoconutSwap). acSwap is the first application of acBTC. It is both where acBTC can be minted, and where WBTC/renBTC can be exchanged. acBTC adopts Curve’s StableSwap algorithm to manage its token basket proactively. Anyone can mint acBTC by depositing WBTC or renBTC into acSwap. acBTC is governed by AC (ACoconut) token.

How to use ACoconut BTC?

You can mint and redeem acBTC at