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What is mStable BTC?

mStable’s new mAsset, mBTC, unites various Bitcoin-pegged ERC20 tokens.The mBTC token can be minted with wBTC, RenBTC and sBTC, and you can redeem it for those three Bitcoin tokens. Binance’s bBTC will be added next month in our first Feeder Basket. mBTC is also the first implementation in DeFi of a fully-functional meta-stablecoin producing AMM.

How to use mStable BTC?

mBTC is a meta asset backed by wBTC, renBTC and sBTC. It is governed by mStable. When saving mBTC in SAVE section of the app, the asset converted into imBTC, a high-yield bearing token. Minting, redeeming and saving mBTC is permissionless and can be done via the mStable app.