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What is TUSD?

TrueUSD (TUSD) is an Ethereum based digital token whose value is pegged to the U.S. Dollars. For every TUSD in circulation, there is an equivalent amount of Dollar reserves held in trusted financial institutions. The number of TUSD tokens in circulation is dependent on the amount of USD reserves held by TrustToken’s third party escrows. TrustToken claims that TUSD is the world’s most transparent stablecoin, as the coin’s peg attestation occurs live on-chain. TrueUSD is one of the first unique products of TrustToken, a blockchain firm that is responsible for the issuance of the TUSD tokens. The co-founder and CEO, Rafael Cosman, maintains that the total number of tokens in circulation is adequately backed up in physical dollar reserves. This is achieved through a token minting and burning process. While TUSD is the most recognized of the firm’s stablecoins, it also operates the TGBP, and TCAD amongst others. All these stablecoins are also pegged to the British pound and Canadian dollars respectively.

How to use TUSD?

TrueUSD can be used as a reserve asset to shield against fluctuating prices of other cryptocurrencies and corresponding fiat currencies. To get started with TUSD, check out the process through which you can purchase the tokens from the project's webpage here. It can also be traded on any cryptocurrency exchange.